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  • > MBOX Breaker

    Installation Instructions:
    You will be prompted to delete the trial version during installation (if it is installed).
    1. Download, unzip, and run the installer.
    2. Run MBOX Breaker, or drag and drop an MBOX file onto the application; you will be prompted to enter your license information.

    Will MBOX files ever exceed the size I specified?:
    MBOX Breaker requires a minimum of 1 email per file, and in some cases a single email may exceed your target size. MBOX Breaker does not split individual emails. Since the majority of emails are less than 20 MB, it is unlikely you would encounter this situation.

    Can I re-split the MBOX files again?
    Absolutely, you can continue to use MBOX Breaker on the generated MBOX files if you wish.

    How long does it take to split a MBOX file?
    It depends on the size of the file and speed of your machine. It could be just seconds for smaller files, or minutes for larger ones (>100 MB).

    How do I repair a corrupt MBOX file?
    Simply rename your MBOX file to use the '.fixmbox' extension (e.g., example.fixmbox). MBOX Breaker will automatically attempt to repair the file and then process it for you. The repair can take several minutes so please be patient.

    How do I uninstall the software?
    Drag the MBOX Breaker application into the Trash.

  • > Outlook MSG Viewer

    Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting:
    This information has moved to

  • > Poker Hand Breakdown

    Hand history file not being processed correctly:
    Send an email with a description of the problem to Please include your history file as well as your poker user name.

    Are hand histories saved?:
    Hand histories are only stored in memory during the upload, and none of the processed data is saved either. If saving processed files to your account is a feature you'd like to see added, please contact us with this suggestion.

    Why do I see alert messages indicating additional buy-ins?:
    Poker Hand Breakdown checks to make sure that your chip count plus your winnings/losses equal the starting chip count for the next hand. It may be inaccurate if you are playing multiple tables within the same hand history file; Poker Hand Breakdown assumes that the next hand is played in sequence.

    Why are some of my hand times not correct?:
    The software assumes that the duration of your hand is equal to the difference between the current hand and the next hand in sequence. In certain cases, Poker Hand Breakdown will automatically estimate the hand length based on an average time/hand. If you are playing multiple tables within a single file, some of the times might not be accurate; alternatively, if you took a break, that would be reflected as a longer hand. We offer the option to set a time limit per hand for this specific reason.

    Why do I see a single row indicating a large number of games played? How do I see more detail?:
    Poker Hand Breakdown creates mini-summaries for games in sequence; it was created with mixed games in mind. However, for hand histories containing single games primarily, this may end up just being a single row summarized as a large number of hands. There are two options to see more detail: select the detailed hand-by-hand analysis checkbox, or, set a maximum hands per group. Either one of those options will afford more insight into your game play.