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MSG Viewer for Outlook 3.65!

We’ve been actively responding to user feedback for Outlook MSG Viewer and are excited to announce the launch of version 3.65. We’ve also bundled a huge number of enhancements into this release.

We’d also like to point out two major changes since our last update:

• The software is now also available on the Mac App Store! This was a tremendous effort to meet all of the criteria requested by Apple.

• As part of Apple’s requirements, Outlook MSG Viewer had to be rebranded and will now be known as MSG Viewer for Outlook.

• To reduce confusion, we’ve made the decision to rebrand across the board, rather than maintain two separate versions. Therefore, we’ve synchronized this new product name across all versions and websites.

There have been a few point releases since version 3.5.3, so we’re compiling a list of all features and enhancements here. Updates for existing users of Outlook MSG Viewer or MSG Viewer for Outlook 3.x are free, and we encourage all users to update immediately to take advantage of these enhancements.

Changes since version 3.5.3 include:

Changes in version 3.5.3b:
+ Several small bug fixes
+ Traditional Chinese localization

Changes in version 3.6 (Mac App Store only):
+ Rebranded ‘Outlook MSG Viewer’ as ‘MSG Viewer for Outlook’
+ Quick Look plugin and viewer support (separate install required for App Store version)
+ ‘BCC’ addresses now visible in emails
+ Export to PDF functionality
+ OS X 10.8+ compatibility for newer interface (previously 10.10+)
+ Several bug fixes for contacts
+ Additional minor fixes and improvements

Changes in version 3.65 (all versions):
+ Localization now available in 20+ languages!
+ Automatic monthly updates check (non-App Store version only)
+ Show Application icons in Preferences (non-App Store version only)

MSG Viewer for Outlook allows you to view Outlook MSG files on your Mac seamlessly and inline through your email client, just like a regular email. This is especially handy if you’ve imported your Microsoft Outlook e-mails from a PC to a Mac. Try the demo here!

Posted on 20th of December 2015

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