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Secrets For Domain Name Owners

Buying a domain name these days costs about the same price as a decent glass of wine. It’s so incredibly cheap to create a professional image for yourself in 2010, so why are you still using your or email address to communicate with your clients? And how about setting up multiple email addresses for other folks in your company, or just routing a few to the same place?

If you’re looking for a recommendation on a general email service, in my opinion, there is no stronger contender than GMail.  It also plays nicely with the other fantastic Google products like Calendar and Chat, as well as smartphones, so you can be sync’ed up all the time. In fact, their service is so good that many major universities and businesses are completely switching to a Google-managed solution for their email. If your personal email account does not end in, you’re sorely missing out. But, if your business or domain email is not being managed by Google, then you should contact us immediately.

Google offers a free service called Google Apps, which creates a personal copy of GMail, Calendar, and Chat for your domain name. It provides all of the world-class features that Google offers to the public to you, on your domain, for FREE. If you don’t want to tackle this yourself, we can switch your email over to Google Apps with minimal downtime and at a very affordable price. After the one-time change-over, you’ll be set.

After your migration is complete, you’ll have 24/7 access to your email from any device, and it will be accessible anywhere in the world. Great spam protection, search functions, security, complete integration with all of the other Google services, and you’ll be able to stop giving out your rusty to your clients. Now, what are you waiting for!

Posted on 18th of July 2010

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