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Outlook MSG Viewer 1.1

We’ve just released an update to “Outlook MSG Viewer”, which contains a few enhancements over the previous version.

For simplicity and speed, users have requested the ability to view attachments as inline. Here’s what we’ve done to address those requests.

First, we added the ability to view attachments as inline. This means if you have multiple, nested messages, they will all be displayed in a single message. It’s not as pretty as the original version, but it shows you the information you need faster.

Secondly, we added the ability to view the RTF attachments as inline HTML. The RTF file is actually the way that Microsoft intended that file to look since the original .msg file is stored in more of a Microsoft Word format. However, we have added the ability to perform RTF to HTML conversion. Keep in mind that with this option (disabled by default), some of the original formatting will be lost. Feel free to test this out.

Finally, for users performing batch conversions, we added the simple option to enable file naming to be .msg.eml (default) or simply .eml.

Licensed customers can download the update here.

Outlook MSG Viewer allows you to view Outlook MSG files on your Mac seamlessly and inline through your email client, just like a regular email. This is especially handy if you’ve imported your Microsoft Outlook e-mails from a PC to a Mac. Try the demo here!

Posted on 15th of October 2010

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