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Outlook MSG Viewer 1.07

We’ve just released an update to “Outlook MSG Viewer”, which contains a few enhancements over the previous version.

In rare cases, it seems that .msg files can actually be .eml files in disguise. This new version takes out the guesswork process for you, and correctly shows the attachment in .eml format.

For those with a large library of .msg files, and power users, we have also added a feature to bulk process .msg files. This can be accomplished using drag-and-drop; simply drag all of the individual .msg files onto the Outlook MSG Viewer application, and it will convert all of them to .eml files.

Licensed customers can download the update here.

Outlook MSG Viewer allows you to view Outlook MSG files on your Mac seamlessly and inline through your email client, just like a regular email. This is especially handy if you’ve imported your Microsoft Outlook e-mails from a PC to a Mac. Try the demo here!

Posted on 7th of September 2010

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