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Outlook MSG Viewer 2.1

Hot on the heels of the recent 2.0 release, we’ve made a few tweaks and released version 2.1 of “Outlook MSG Viewer”.

Changes in this update include:

+ improved handling of inline RTF display as well as inline attachments (more reliable in many cases, and added internationalization support)

+ added support for decoding of compressed RTF within vCards, which is now stored in text format within the vCard itself. You may wish to re-process your contact files since additional information may be included that was not converted by earlier versions.

+ fixed bug in vCard output that prevented embedded photos from being read

+ fixed bug where certain vCards (e.g., those processed by CardScan) were not recognized

+ added option to suppress additional file output (e.g., JPG or RTF files) when processing vCards (default: disabled)

We also released an updated trial version that captures these changes as well. Users with valid v2.0 licenses can download this update at no charge.

Outlook MSG Viewer allows you to view Outlook MSG files on your Mac seamlessly and inline through your email client, just like a regular email. This is especially handy if you’ve imported your Microsoft Outlook e-mails from a PC to a Mac. Try the demo here!

Posted on 8th of October 2012

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